MEREDA Matters

A Conversation with Deirdre Wadsworth President of Hardypond Construction

Episode Summary

Deirdre Wadsworth, President of Hardypond Construction, sits down with MEREDA Vice President Shannon Richards and MEREDA President Craig Young for the sixth episode of MEREDA Matters - the podcast that puts you in the room with the people who are driving responsible development in Maine. Wadsworth discusses the type of projects Hardypond specializes in, and how they are often completing renovations on buildings that are occupied. As one of three women in Maine to own a commercial construction company, Wadsworth talks about her journey from sweeping floors at the jobsite as a kid and hating construction to earning an MBA and taking over her dad’s company in her thirties. Wadsworth goes on to share her management style and how hiring a business coach was one of the best things she did when she decided she wanted to run Hardypond. The group discusses the challenges in construction, such as material pricing and delays, and how this new norm requires a focus on scheduling and ordering materials upfront. The group also talks about how much has changed for women working in the industry over the last decade and why it’s so important to include women’s perspectives in development and construction. What is one of the best books Deirdre has read recently? Listen to the conversation to find out!